Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Are you Benefitting from NAG's Work?

Since NAG began their effort against the Porter Mill DAF tank, the application process has been improved. Application appears to be less frequent and the guidelines for application are being followed more stringently. We have also heard that new applicators, that do a better job of applying the product in to the ground with less spillage were purchased.

People, who were negatively impacted in the past by the stench, flies and traffic have experienced some relief after NAG got involved over 2 years ago. We say this is no coincidence considering that some people have had these same problems with DAF for years with absolutely no relief.

And, as NAG has taken its concerns to the Wicomico County Council, the future of new tanks around the county is being discussed in terms of size, location, and the permit process.

This is not just a campaign for the homeowners around the tank, it is one for those who live around the truck routes and those who smell the awful orders. It's also one for the county residents who live in or around agriculture zones and have been unwittingly facing a similar assault on their quality of life.

For these very reasons, we need you to step up and support NAG!

Contributions to the Neighborhood Action Group should be sent to:


24790 Porter Mill Road

Hebron MD 21830

All contributions will remain anonymous and our books are open to show how we spend your money.

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