Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Legislative Bill 2022-10

Prohibition Bill Update

I am pleased to tell our supporters that the County Council voted 5 to 2 to support Legislative Bill 2022-10 that prohibits the permitting of DAF storage tanks in our county. To be more specific, it would prohibit an open, or partially open, structure used for the storage of agricultural product, by-product, soil amendment and/or DAF residuals. 

The bill also allows farmers or a farming business to temporarily store such liquid in a mobile, closed container for a limited time and in a restricted place.

This was the second reading of the bill when amendments could be offered. The Council’s legal advisor amended the original bill significantly and used some of the suggestions NAG offered at the September 20 Council meeting. And, after adoption of the legal advisor’s amendments, more amendments which NAG has been working on, were offered. Three of our four amendments were adopted. 

The bill is in a much better place than where it was at my last posting.

I would like to post this bill, but it is not yet ready for prime-time. It must be finalized and sent to the Council for signing. The Council has 60 days to sign it into law. Afterward, the County Executive has to either sign it, or veto it and send it back to the Council. I will keep my readers up on any news about this process as it becomes available to share.

I sincerely thank all the supporters who have attended the County Council meetings, contacted their Council Members on NAG’s behalf and donated to our group. You have helped to make Wicomico County a wonderful place to live.

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