Saturday, November 11, 2023



Last night Lynette Kenney received the Mike Pretl Award for Environmental Advocacy from the Wicomico Environmental Trust (WET) during its annual dinner, awards, and silent auction banquet. Here is what WET had to say about Mrs. Kenney's contributions.

"Lynette Kenney is a wife, mother, grandmother, and activist. Her life experiences led her to form the Neighborhood Action Group (NAG). In 2019 NAG worked together to try to put a stop to a 3-million-gallon dissolved air flotation (DAF) storage tank that was built less than a quarter mile from her home. Though the group could not stop the tank's construction, they were able to highlight the effects DAF has on fields, local waterways, and the community. Through her efforts, a moratorium was passed to prevent future DAF tank construction in Wicomico County."

In her acceptance speech, Mrs. Kenney told the story of NAG's fight to restrict tank usage which eventually led to responsible regulation on DAF tanks and lagoons in Wicomico County. She ended by acknowledging other NAG members and told the audience that the fight is not over.

Lynette Kenney

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