Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Over the last couple of weeks the site for the sludge container has developed. Culvert pipes and a dirt road are now visible. Mr. Burns has been busy and so has NAG.
This week, the Neighborhood Action Group has hired a lawyer to act in our behalf.
And NAG is looking to its neighbors to help support this important step.
We have asked our neighbors to show up at the council meetings and at the town hall and they have! NAG members have invested many hours of their time in the pursuit to stop the sludge from ruining our neighborhood. A lot of research has been done to help us understand what our options are and we have held many informal meetings with each new development.
Now is the time for everyone to contribute by giving to the legal fund. The community can contribute to the NAG fund which now has an account at the Hebron Savings Bank. Any amount is welcomed and donations will remain anonymous.
Please make out a check to NAG and send it to:

24790 Porter Mill Road
Hebron MD 21830

And, we encourage you to spread the word!

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