Saturday, November 14, 2020


Below is a picture taken about 3:30 AM Saturday, November 14, of an overturned DAF truck on Riggin Rd. (It can be seen behind the one that is upright.) It occurred between Angel's Rest and the substation. It appears the truck was empty and there was no spillage. As far as we know there were no injuries. With the ditches so full and no shoulder to pull off on, confronting one of these trucks on Riggin is hazardous and, indeed, dangerous. We are grateful that no one was hurt...this time. 
We encourage everyone to contact the County Council members, the County Executive's office and the Office of Planning and Zoning and alert them to this very dangerous situation. (Links to these offices are on the right sidebar.) Feel free to use the picture. With the moratorium in place and discussion on how to best serve the public with future tank placement, they need to know these things do not and should not be placed in areas where the roads will not handle the heavy commercial traffic. 

And, as you can see in the photo below, there are many tanker trucks coming to the DAF tank's site. It's not unusual to see them lined up on the driveway and sometimes on Porter Mill Road.

We still need help paying legal fees and would appreciate any amount you can spare. Contributions to the Neighborhood Action Group should be sent to:
24790 Porter Mill Road
Hebron MD 21830

All contributions will remain anonymous and our books are open to show how we spend your money.

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