Saturday, October 30, 2021


Look at these zoning maps published Online by Wicomico County's Planning & Zoning and Community Developments.

The first one shows the current zoning map. Do the green areas concern you? They should. According to P&Z an "open top storage tank," can currently be constructed anywhere in the green areas in Wicomico County. One of these tanks is being used to store DAF on Porter Mill Road. Do you live in or near a green area? Someone can be given a permit to build a tank like this one near your home, without your input, if action is not taken.

And for those of us who live in the vicinity of the Porter Mill tank, a new tank or even a pit can be constructed right next to the one already there.


Legislation has been presented by P&Z to the Planning Commission. There have been 2 work sessions concerning this legislation. There was a public hearing last Thursday regarding the same. Several people spoke, including those on behalf of the Wicomico Environmental Trust and  Friends of the Nanticoke, to voice concerns regarding the proposed legislation. They, like NAG support the Smethurst's alternative legislation. The second map, accessed by the link at the top of this post, shows the proposed zoning map.

Everyone should go to P&Z's announcement page about the meetings and hearing and they should read the proposed legislation as well as the public comments filed by both opponents and proponents of the legislation.


Why should you care about this legislation if it doesn't get rid of the tank we've had so much trouble with or if the existing tank doesn’t affect you at all? For starters, we don't want any more tanks in this county, but if they are built, strict regulations must be enacted and enforced.

The Smethurst proposed alternative amendment includes these important proposals:

  • Tanks can only go in the I-2 Zone

  • They can only be built on collector roads

  • They can only be approved after a special exception and public hearing

  • They need appropriate setbacks

As we contend, these tanks fall under the definition of a "composting facility" which is already regulated in the existing Wicomico County Code.


The public comment period ended this Friday, October 29. But you can still contact your council person with your input on how important it is for them to adopt the Smethurst proposal. Use the links on the sidebar of this blog's homepage to contact your council representative.

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