Friday, October 1, 2021


Thursday October 21, 2021
1:30 PM
County Council Chambers Room 301
Government Office Building 125 N. Division Street, Salisbury MD

The County has advertised a public meeting concerning the future legislation of open top storage tanks like the one on Porter Mill Road. Members of the community can express their opinions regarding the proposed legislation. This legislation can be found on the County website and here using this link.

Everyone should read the legislation to find out how it will affect their quality of life and the future of neighborhoods in Wicomico County. (NAG does not think the short set-back from residences of 300 feet is enough especially since the stench from the Porter Mill tank can be smelled for well over a half mile at times.) 

NAG has worked hard to get to this point in our fight against the tank on Porter Mill Road and has been instrumental in persuading the County to change the legislation of open top tanks. Sadly, the proposed legislation plans to "grandfather" the Porter Mill tank in under the old legislation. Although we are happy that the County is taking steps to regulate these tanks, we are still working to have that tank removed.

It is very important that all concerned citizens contact the Planning and Zoning Commission and the County Council to express their opinions on this important issue. We hope that a large number of residents attend the meeting and contact our county representatives about this issue. 

Please plan to attend the public hearing. Those unable to attend and those who plan on attending can write letters to the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Write to this address:

Wicomico County Planning and Zoning Commission
Government Office Building
125 N. Division Street
Room 203
Salisbury, MD 21803

or email:

or fax:


A list of your county representatives is found on this blog in the right sidebar.
If you are new to our blog and don't know about the tank, watch this video to learn about it. 

NAG is still fighting for all citizens of Wicomico County and must pay its legal bills. We need you to step up and support NAG!

Contributions to the Neighborhood Action Group should be sent to:


24790 Porter Mill Road

Hebron MD 21830

All contributions will remain anonymous and our books are open to show how we spend your money.

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