Monday, August 15, 2022



Recently NAG has heard rumors that some people, who are opposed to banning the DAF storage tanks in Wicomico County, are spreading fear and blatant misrepresentations in an attempt to rally the agriculture community against us. If you've been following this blog, then you know that NAG is not anti-farming nor does it want to dissolve the Right to Farm Act. Furthermore, we are not trying to ban other farm storage structures. 

NAG has very good community support including that of many county farmers.

The upcoming (Aug. 16, 10 AM) County Council meeting agenda is not showing any discussion of the DAF tank legislature. However, as with all meetings, there is time at the end for public comments. We encourage our friends to attend and speak. And, as usual we urge all Wicomico County residents who do not want a DAF storage tank as a neighbor to contact their Council members and tell them how they feel about it.  

Be sure to look at our new flier "YOUR NEW NEIGHBOR?" flier. (Works best with Google browser. Click on link. Move your cursor to the bottom or top of the flier's webpage to see the download and print icons that you must use.) If you have any problems downloading it, contact this blogger (link on the sidebar) and I'll be glad to send you the flier. Please share it!

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