Sunday, September 4, 2022

County Council Meeting


Tuesday, September 6, 2022

6:00 PM

Government Office Building, Room 301

25 N. Division Street

Salisbury, Maryland

We need you! This next County Council meeting
is extremely important and it is crucial
that NAG supporters attend!

At the last Council meeting, the members voted to prohibit new DAF tanks county-wide. This is a great outcome for Wicomico County residents, however, the Council decided to wait to settle the matter until all legal issues could be vetted.

The September 6 meeting will see the introduction of 3 legislation options regarding the open-top storage of a liquid organic fertilizer or soil amendment (DAF.) Here is the link to the Council’s agenda, and if you scroll to page 2, you’ll see the options listed and explained. 

Everyone should read the options, since any of them will affect everyone who resides in the county. And, they are not all the options that will be given to the Council.

NAG has been promoting the total prohibition of DAF storage for quite some time.

NOW is the time to let the Council know that you do not want to live next to a DAF tank like the one on Porter Mill Road! And the best way to do this is to attend the September 6 meeting. (If you are not familiar with that tank, watch the video using the link on this blog's sidebar.)

If you can’t attend, then call or email your councilmember BEFORE the meeting. Tell them you want them to prohibit DAF storage county-wide. It’s as simple as that.

Here are the Council Members" phone numbers and email addresses for your convenience.

John Cannon (Pres.) - 410-251-3282 - 
Ernest Davis (VP) - 443-397-4247 - 
William McCain (At Large - 410-726-1122 - 
Nicole Acle (District 2) - 410-251-0122 - 
Larry Dodd (District 3) - 410-202-6002 - 
Josh Hastings (District 4) - 410-251-5268 - 
Joe Holloway (District 5) - 410-749-4010 - 


PLEASE DON'T WAIT! If clean air and water and road safety is important to you and your family, contact your councilmember TODAY!

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