Friday, March 17, 2023



The leak that occured at the DAF tank on Porter Mill Road has made the news and the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) has published some reports concerning the leak. Without cloudying the information, I am posting links to WMDT, Channel 47's recent broadcasts and to the MDE's Compliance Inspections reports site.

WMDT March 8 initial coverage of spill.

WMDT March 9, 2023 update.

WMDT news cast that updated the news.

And here is the MDE reports site. To use this site, you must type in "Burns" into the site name and select "Wicomico" from the county list and then click on the "Filter" button. The inspection reports pertaining to the recent spill can be found on page 2 (click on page 2 at the bottom, right section of the page.) The reports are PDFs and the pictures are a DOCX and PDF files. Be sure to look at the pictures they really show how bad this spill is.

Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE)

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