Friday, March 10, 2023


In case you did not see the local news coverage about the leak from the DAF tank on Porter Mill Road, here is the link to current WBOC story. (If you can't see it, then they may have taken it down.) We are waiting to receive an official report from the State on exactly how much was spilled and the result of water testing around the tank. I will post all news about this spill as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, here is what I saw this week.

I watched the cleanup as much as possible throughout the week and saw many vacuum trucks and dump trucks go up and down the road. Here you can see the large, white vacuum truck next to the tank. 

Here you see a Hazmat crew on the job. (Photo by MDE)

On Thursday I observed this truck carrying straw to the tank. 

NAG warned the County that a leak was a strong possibility and too risky considering the tank's proximity to wetlands. Almost everyone in the area is paying to have their water tested too. Here you can see the activity around the tank and the yellow hose (left) going into the wooded area.

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